Posting instructions

Posting client files

  1. Write the content of the post as you normally would in the admin panel.
  2. If there is a picture to attach, use the “Yapb Image” option to ensure privacy of the client-specific images. You can only attach one image per post when using this option.
  3. Important: After composing the post, check the “Client-only” category, and any sub-category if applicable. If the “client-only” category is not checked, the post will be visible to any guest visitor of the blog!
  4. Also important: Set the “Post Author” option to the login name of the client you are writing for. This ensures that only you and this particular client will see the post. If this is not set, the post will NOT be visible to your client, just to yourself.

Fragranthill custom tags

  1. Image caption: use (must be plural) for captions under images. This produces a smaller font size, tighter line spacing, and italicized font.