My wife found this amazing website that can create a music video/slide show. The way it works is that one first upload a bunch of photos, then pick some music from their library or upload your own. Their program will do an automatic mix of your photos and music with their choice of effects. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can remix the video but the only thing you can control is the sequence of images. My favorite part is that the animated showing of the photos is synchronized with the rhythm of the music.

I pulled out some of my best plant photos and made the following short video. The music is a classical Chinese tune named: 渔舟唱晚,which can be roughly translated as: Serenade on a Fishing Boat at Sunset.

One thought on “Animoto

  1. This is way cool, although the flowers move kind of fast – not enough time to gaze and memorize, although I guess if we play it often enough we’ll soon have them properly implanted (as it were) in our minds. My daughter really likes the music, and wants to hear it again and again.