In Memory of My Old Garden

It has been terribly busy in the last few months since we are moving to a bigger home. We have put up our old home for sale and it is almost certain that it will be sold in the next month or so. When we first bought it in 1999, the backyard was 1000 square feet of bare dirt. My wife and I spent most of our leisure time for more than a year to get it into shape. About eight tons of bad soils were hauled out before new soil, new pavers, and new plants all came in. It seemed like every week there was a pile of something on the driveway, and it was very exciting to see all the changes and progresses. That experience was a major factor for me to make the decision of becoming a landscape designer. It was so much more rewarding than working hard on an engineering project for several months only to see it getting cancelled for some other reasons.

Here are some photos of our garden in the beautiful and wet spring of 2010:

1. One of the frontyard beds completed in 2008 after removing a boring Bradford Pear tree and a small patch of lawn. The big shrub with blue spikes of flowers is Echium candicans ‘Star of Madeira’ and the giant-leafed plant in the back is Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Steroidal Giant’. Both are extremely fast growers.

2. Back yard tropical corner

3. From tropical corner looking back at pond pavilion

4. Semi-raised pond with seven kois

5. Outdoor BBQ counter and door to garage

6. Plant close-ups, clockwise from top left: Musella lasiocarpa or Chinese Yellow Banana, Aloe polyphylla, Clivia miniata Orange Variegated, and Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Hercules’ with oversized flowers

7. Inside greenhouse

8. Full view of pond and pavilion

2 thoughts on “In Memory of My Old Garden

  1. Steroidal Giant is a great name. Speaking of which, is your red banana migrating to your new house?

    Wow, I’m getting a little sad and homesick looking at these pictures, and I didn’t have anything to do with making this garden. Just hung out in it a few times having good times with good friends after they did all the hard work.

    So on to the new house – have you concocted a landscaping plan for it yet?

  2. Both the Giant and the red banana are stay put, but the substance abuser plant (SG) has many offsprings that I dug up and took with us. I think it will look nice colonizing that secret lawn outside your backyard.

    Thank you for your kind words. We promise that we will build a better garden at our new home and you are always welcome here for many more happy hours. The planning is underway even amidst the distraction of loads of unopened cardboard boxes.