About Daxin

Daxin Daxin came to California from China to study Applied Physics at Stanford University. After getting his Ph.D. degree, he worked at a couple of high-tech companies for several years. In 2003, when the economy was hitting the bottoms and his company was going down, he decided to take a chance to pursue his dream of working with plants. After two years of study of horticulture at Foothill College, he is now a garden designer based in Mountain View, California. The wonderful weather plus the affluent and diversified client base have given him many opportunities to showcase his design skills. The main characteristic of his design is livability through appropriate hardscape and horticultural excellence from the use of uncommon plants.

Beside his regular design work with local clients, Daxin writes about plants and gardens on this blog. If you are interested in learning more about Daxin’s work, please take your time exploring this site, and be sure to visit Daxin’s online portfolio.