2011 San Francisco Garden Show

I went to the SF Garden Show last Sunday (3/27) to help man the Hot Plant Picks booth. The crowd was big and the show gardens were very excellent again. Here are some of my favorite gardens:

First is a show garden sponsored by Filoli and built by the Garden Route Company. The fuzzy green roof reminds me of moss fountains in south France.
Filoli Garden

The most popular garden is designed by Jeffrey Gordon Smith, who owns a landscape architecture firm near San Luis Obispo. He used a lot of recycled heavy duty corrugate drain pipes in this garden. The big yellow bowl is a portable Dutch Tub heated by a wood stove.
piR squared garden

In total, there are about 18 gardens and their styles run from traditional to rustic to modern:

Tuscan Style Garden
Mallorcan style wall by Andrea Hurd
Rustic Fence by McKeena Landscaping
Plant Lab by UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture Department

My most favorite one is this “Reality Rocks” garden designed by Amy Saunders. I love the modern moon gate and those whimsical sculptures by sculptor Chuck “Stonefox” Galvin from Marin.

Greenwall Moon Gate Stone Fox by Chuck Galvin