Dreams Happen Playhouses

In early June, I happend upon a Playhouse Tour at the trendy Stanford Shopping Center. A total of 15 structures were lavishly designed and built by Bay Area architects, designers and builders. Most were auctioned to benefit Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a non-profit organization helping low-income family to repair their homes. It was a real treat to see this great collection of functional and innovative structures for juniors’ outdoor living.

First are some classical themed ones. The slides could use some camouflage.

Tanglewood by SDG Architects Creekside Cottage by Pacific Peninsula Architecture
Casita del Sol by Gary J Ahern AIA Cotswold Cottage by Buzz Bryan Architect

Then there are some whimsical ones:

Blue Marauder by Winges Architects Backyard Outpost by Arcanum Architecture

Plus a number of modern ones with the top right one being my favorite for its intricate organization of space, which reminded me of the best man-made hills in Classical Chinese Gardens.

(f)un.box by Ana Williamson Architect GyMAZEium by Peterson Architects
The Dwell little

My son’s favorite is this one called Oblique House designed by Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc.

Oblique House Side 1 Side 2
Side 3 Side 4