Yin Yang Chair


I saw my first Yin Yang Chairs at the new Janus et Cie showroom in San Francisco a few weeks ago. For those who haven’t heard, this is a new set of garden lounge chairs from a German outdoor furniture company Dedon. I have always liked Dedon’s other outdoor furniture pieces with their clever design rooted in tradition and their patented synthetic wicker called HULARO. But Yin Yang chairs have achieved a new level of sophistication. It is a magnificent modern incarnation of the most well known symbol in Chinese culture that is thought to be the foundation of everything in the universe (The origin of this symbol was two complimentary fish). A pair of these would really stand out as a piece of modern sculpture in front of a vanishing edge pool as in the shot below from Dedon. If I still have some room left in my garden, all my friends would be invited to try them out by now. So my wish is that some of my clients will appreciate their beauty so much that they can overcome the sticker shock in the tune of $12740 per pair, and for them I will be glad to help negotiate a discount of about 30%.


2 thoughts on “Yin Yang Chair

  1. The surface is very smooth, like an old wicker piece but with metallic sheen. The whole thing is very comfortable. Each one sits on a set of wheels, and a pair can rotate like a turn-table when pushed.